Sunday, February 22, 2009

Week 6 & 7 Review

Week 6:
1)Purchase of Brake Design & Safety book (~rm700- waiting for invoice)
2) Friendly game bola vs FKP: Pdg Dusun, menang 4-2

1) 5S at composite section (KIV)-priority!

Week 7:
1) balik kg Juaseh (emergency- arwah Wan- erin)-Sunday 8/2/09
2) lab 2 BMCA
3) Paji visit (Wed 11/2/09) & pejan visit (14/2/09)
4) Makan2 kat umah zaid (13/3/09)
5) special meeting for SAJ with 'bos' Pusat Sukan (3pm, 9/2/09, Kompleks Sukan)

KIV: Kuliah Ganti for BMCB 2 hours, Video Session BMCA 3 hours (for 09/2/09)

Week 8 Review

Accomplishment for Wk-8:

Major Deals for February completed:
1) Technical Talk BMCB 2423: Material Science
Conducted on 21-02-08, Saturday, 8.30-11.30am, at BT 1 Fasa B, the event involved the participation of students from 1BMCS & 1BMCD taking the course for this semester. The event also was participated by Wan J, from FKP as guest. Ekhwan was the guest presenter for this event, elaborating on the subject of Material Science and Its Application in the Oil & Gas industry. (5* speaker!)
CQI: i) request 1 technician to standy n prepare the technical equipment for the event ii) the room should be arrange more properly (to accomodate nearly 100 students) iii) ask the students to organize the event to give them exposure (i.e. setting the event, MC, arrange transport, etc) iv) forgotten to pass the FKM souvenir to ekhwan at the end of the event

2) Test 1 BMCB 2423: Conducted on 20-2-09 (Friday), frm 8.15-9.15pm. Altogether 117 students taking the test.
CQI: booked 3 rooms with 70 students capacity for the test. 2 rooms (BK7&8) seating arrangement for test with 117 students is to packed -- challenging to control student from plagarism.

3) Prepare for UTeM SIRIM-ISO audit visit on 23-24 feb 09 as the FKM ISO AJK. Preparation done for 3 days (wed-friday)

Other work done:
4) Pattend professor talk by external examiner Prof Nasir Tamin frm UTM on Wed 18-2-09, 2.00-4.20pm
5) 17-2-09: Sukan Antara Jabatan Game: FKM vs P.Komputer - score 2-0
6) service my car (he3)
7) resubmit SKT2008 to zek for review
8) interview session with Mr Fendi from UTM (Phd candidate for Uni of Notts, UK) on Research Commercialization by Universities (17-2-09, 10am).
9) Finish marking for Lab2 BMCA

Plan for Wk-9:
1) Classes BMCB & BMCA, Lab for BMCB
2) Mark Lab 2 & Assignment 1 BMCB & Quiz 3 BMCA, plus Test 1 BMCA (need to completed bf Wk-12). Wk 12 must show the student's carry mark as per ISO requirement.
3) Prepare for Quiz 2 BMCB & Assignment 2 BMCB.
4) Finsih up writing for Chapter 3 BricsCAD teaching module (due 3/3/09)

Monday, February 02, 2009

Weekly review: week 5

Week 5 accomplishment:
-holiday in Jhr (1wk)
-went to juaseh (kg)
-open Tabung Hj acct in Kulai

Week 6 plan:
1)mark Lab2 BMCA, Lab1 BMCB
2) review chapter 7
3)submit finalize f.exam questions to external examiner
4) prepare Asgmt 1 & Test1 BMCB (Done)-waiting for review
5) Friendly game vs FKP (Thursday 5pm)
6) Football manager meeting's (Friday3pm)
7)Bank in surplus to ASB
8) Submit claim for Jan. purchase (paji n imran-done)
9) upload SKT on SMSM
10) 5S at Komposit Section

week 5 is CNY holiday. jadi xde ape2 sgt ler, cuma rehat jer sambil tanda kertas2 pelajar.